How I Got Started in the Cryptocurrency World

The first time I heard about Bitcoin was in 2010.
You may think that I bought it and today I am a millionaire writing this blog from my yacht. Nope!

In 2010, I read some article introducing this new digital coin that you could mine with your personal computer. I thought it was really interesting and wanted to explore the idea. I try to find more information on how to mine Bitcoin but I couldn't find anything that wasn't extremely geeky. I talked to my nerd colleague at work  to see if he could help me figure it out, but he didn't show any interest. I got distracted by life and gave up. The price of Bitcoin in 2010 was around U$ 0.06 - 0.25.

Fast forward 5 years.... Bitcoin started to pop up here and there in the news and articles. My instinct told me to look there again. I told my husband: "let's buy some Bitcoin! I think we should look into it". We didn't know how. I think at that time, there were a handful of exchanges and the process of buying was complicated and often involved waiting days or weeks to get hold of your BTC. We forget about it. The price of Bitcoin in 2015 was around U$ 280 - 430.

Coindesk article from 2015 - Bitcoin at $200

In 2017 Bitcoin hit its all time high and it was in all financial news on the planet. My husband had figured out how to buy from and made his first purchase in October. In December that year Bitcoin reached the price of U$ 20,000. I didn't think it would be wise to start at that moment. Luck me I didn't. 

Bitcoin News in 2017

For reasons I cant remember today, I only made my first purchase in July, 2018 using the Robinhood app. The price was U$ 6,600. And that was the beginning of the most exciting, surprising  and invigorating journey of learning. This journey is what is known in the crypto space as going down the rabbit hole. I am gonna tell you, the hole is deep, my friends. I couldn't stop digging.

Bitcoin opened my eyes to a world I didn't know existed but deep down I always wanted to explore. I learn about things like blockchain, hash-rate, private keys, public keys, quantitative easing, money printing, hard assets, the stock market, government, the FED, etc. I also learned about the history of money and how it has evolved and how it will continue to evolve.


The more I learn about Bitcoin, the more I admired its simplicity, elegance, and absolute cleverness. Satoshi Nakamoto has my admiration forever. Bitcoin is the hardest asset ever created.